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The Top 10 Jobs for College Graduates in 2020

It’s that time in your college career: looking for a new job. It’s a daunting task ahead of you, but with a little preparation and hard work, you can be successful. Work on making connections in your career field as early as possible, and line up internships during the year or when you’re on breaks. Intern at a law office or take a job as a receptionist in a doctor’s office to help prepare you for job opportunities.

While college graduates often earn more than people who don’t go to college, that isn’t always the case. One of the key factors is experience. Having a well-rounded resume is a great way to shine when applying for different job positions. Working or having an internship within your career field are great ways to stand out from the crowd. Even volunteering and leadership opportunities on campus, such as taking part in your major’s school organization, are ways that you can add experiences to your resume.

1. Teacher

While teachers are often featured as overworked and underpaid, high school teachers are one of the higher paying jobs for college graduates directly out of school. Salaries range for teachers in their first year, but they can be as high as $50,000 in some areas. Some employers may require background screening so be prepared to carry out a basic DBS check with an online provider such as uCheck. Keep in mind that this will vary based on your location and what you teach, but there are other advantages to teaching, including summers off, in some cases.

2. Web Designer

If you’re adept with technology, working as a web designer might be a good fit for you. Salaries vary widely, often ranging between $40,000 and $90,000. You may find a range of different job opportunities within the field, from working in-house for big companies to freelancing and never having to leave your house.

3. Nurse

Nursing is a hard job, but it can be very rewarding, allowing you to help and care for people during their darkest hours. Students who graduate from college will often find that nurses are in demand just about everywhere. The starting salary will depend on numerous factors including location, your area of specialization, and your education.

4. Internet Marketer

If you have a background in business or technology, look into internet marketing. This career field offers a range of options, from developing blogs to promote a product to utilizing search engine optimization. As new products or services come to the market, there are plenty of opportunities for you.

5. Pharmaceutical Representative

Pharmaceutical representatives are a great job if you like to travel and meet with people. The job may also offer perks in addition to a nice salary, including a company car. This high-paying sales job requires that you have good communication skills, and you might hear “no” a lot during your day as you travel to different doctors’ offices.

6. Financial Analyst

If you have an affinity for numbers, working as a financial analyst may be for you. While the field has taken a hit in recent years, there’s always a demand for people qualified in the field. Start by taking internships, so you have an “in” with companies.

7. Engineer

Engineering is a great STEM career opportunity for those who do well in science and math. As you research this career field, you’ll see that there are a range of different branches, such as nuclear and chemical engineering. To take advantage of the best opportunities, you’ll want to have had internships and make connections in this field.

8. Software Developer

Software developers or engineers tend to make great salaries, and their companies may offer perks like telecommuting all or part of the week. This job tends to be in high demand, although you might need to move to a major technology area to take advantage of the best opportunities.

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9. Account Manager

A account manager can wear a number of different hats, so this is a great job opportunity if you like doing different things and facing challenges. With this job, you act as a liaison between clients and an agency that is responsible for things such as sales and marketing.

10. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are necessary in just about every field, and they can be a great stepping stone for future work. As an example, working as a medical assistant can give you the experience you need to round out your resume for medical school. This job may necessitate different tasks, from scheduling to bookkeeping.

In Summary

There are many different opportunities for graduates in 2020, and some of them are quite lucrative. Get started now by developing your experiences and making connections that can help you land the job you’re looking for.