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Caribbean University Options

The Caribbean Islands are known for their sandy beaches, aquamarine colored waters, and fun in the sun atmosphere. But many islands also offer educational programs for college students, undergrad and graduate, that allows you to experience the culture and laid back vibe of the islands while earning college credits or simply expanding your knowledge of […]

Classrooms with a View: Educational Travel Destinations

For students who want to expand their knowledge and their world Interested in getting an education with a view? Educational travel destination tours and study abroad programs are both great options to combine education with travel. There are many fun ways you can experience a classroom with a view; waking up with Big Ben, the […]

Presidential Election & Cost of College Crisis

Education: They say it’s the most important thing in an adolescent’s life—the “gateway” to opportunities and financial stability. But how much “financial stability” can a young college student attain in spite of the inflating costs of tuition and the ever-increasing burden of student loan debt? Well, many students are placing their faith in the presidential […]


Is it Time for Your Wardrobe to Grow Up?

Transforming your look from college to career After spending semester after semester in shorts and a hoodie, it seems like a daunting task to even think about putting on a dress and heels or a suit and tie. But there are ways to blend comfort and your own unique sense of style into your new […]


An Introduction to Online Learning and Web Based Education

Since the 1990s the rise of the internet has brought everything online, including learning. Elementary schools are using the internet for more interactive learning; many middle schools require students to take a computer course. High schools have started allowing students to take courses online in order to fulfill their graduation requirements. Whiz kids might even […]

Leaving Home for College

Making the transition can be a lot smoother by following a few simple steps. For most of us, leaving home for college and living independently for the first time is one of the most exciting times in our lives; but it can also be one of the most daunting. Where will I live? Will I […]

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Popular Online Schools Ranked by

Many online schools offer degree and certification programs for all levels, including high school, trade, vocational, associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate. In this blog post we summarize ten of the most popular online schools in the United States. These schools are listed in no particular order and the information provided should only be used as […]


Technology altering how Cities are Planned

Architects and urban planners in the 21st century will need to incorporate modern electronic and telecommunications technology in their designs in the same way their 19th-century counterparts had to deal with the products of the Industrial Revolution, an architectural scholar said Thursday at the University of Houston. William J. Mitchell, dean of the Massachusetts Institute […]

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