How to Find Employment Opportunities After College

As you near the end of your final college term, looking for employment opportunities is likely high on your list of priorities. Most students choose their majors with a specific career path in mind. However, having acquired a diploma, you’re probably unsure about the right positions and industries where you can use your qualifications. Further, considering that the pandemic has altered the way businesses operate significantly, you might need a new approach to finding the right job that also matches your skills, talents, and interests.

Step One? Connect with an Expert Counselor for Help

Career counselors like Seth Jared Hymes typically have updated information about the career options available for students who have completed various degree programs. Having gone down the path of searching for jobs that were most suitable for his aptitudes, Seth created The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint to help people identify their personality types. You could be an extrovert who thrives in a bustling office environment where ideas are thrown around constantly. But, if you would prefer to do the brainstorming in the privacy of your office without an entire team around you, you should look for the best jobs for introverts.

Research for the Relevant Information Before Applying for Jobs

Seth recommends that you start researching around the different job sites for work descriptions and positions that match your skills. Do keep in mind that changing work environments may have opened up possibilities in industries and spheres that you may not have considered before. Job search platforms like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Snagajob, Getwork, and even, LinkedIn list companies with complete details about the posting. You’ll read up about the hiring company, job deliverables, the accreditation needed, and salary offered. Adding keywords will help narrow down the search until you find options that you would want to apply for. Many companies send out to recruiters to universities to hire fresh talent, so keep a lookout for such opportunities. Many companies such as Stencil Giant use indeed to do their hiring and suggest to add something to your resume to really stick out.

Don’t Forget to Include Digital Marketing Opportunities in Your Search

Digital marketing is an industry that has been growing at breakneck speed with new disciplines emerging to keep pace with rapid technological developments. Whatever may be the skills you learnt in college, you might just be able to apply them in the world of eCommerce, online advertising, social media marketing, web designing, and countless others. Not only will these opportunities earn you great salaries, but they allow you to work in an environment where you’re most productive, at home or maybe in a coworking space. Your job counselor can help you identify the best options available that align with your needs. The most exciting factor about digital marketing is that you can start work with the minimum qualifications and learn on the job as part of the team.


Finding employment opportunities after college is no longer a challenging task when you have an expert counselor guiding you along the way. Rely on their expertise to build a career that is sure to make a success of your life.