Classrooms with a View: Educational Travel Destinations

For students who want to expand their knowledge and their world

Interested in getting an education with a view? Educational travel destination tours and study abroad programs are both great options to combine education with travel. There are many fun ways you can experience a classroom with a view; waking up with Big Ben, the Athens ruins, or the Eiffel tower just outside your window, may be just the motivation you need to succeed in your college career.

After all, St. Augustine did say, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

We offer you a few ways to explore travel as an educational option:

• Education First College Study Tours

EF College Study Tours is an educational travel company offering a multitude of travel destinations for college students. From Barcelona, Spain to London, England, you can plan an all-inclusive study tour that includes round trip air fare, hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, and of course, free time to study and explore your exciting new surroundings. With all this moving around, make sure you get the best luggage sets before your trip. They also pride themselves on being an affordable option for students, knowing that college can be a financial challenge for many.

How to Get Started: EF College Study Tours offers two ways for you to become a part of any tour. You can check on campus to see if there is a professor who has already started a tour or as a student they will help you start your own tour on campus. Either way, it’s well worth the time and planning to expand your world view and learn through other cultural experiences. (

• Global Explorers

Global Explorers is a non-profit organization that offers travel opportunities that are custom designed to your travel and educational needs. They also offer travel programs for individual students interested in traveling on their own, which makes it unique compared to other organizations that offer similar educational experiences. With Global Explorers you can visit such exotic destinations as Tanzania, Cambodia, or the sacred mysterious land of Machu Picchu, Peru. Programs for individual students vary from treks through the Amazon Forest to journeys through the Grand Canyon. Trips are also offered for those with physical disabilities. Global Explorers makes sure nothing will stop you from having the learning adventure of a lifetime.

How to Get Started: Depending on whether you are traveling with a group or as an individual, Global Explorers makes it easy to get started. If traveling with a school group or other organization, your teacher, professor, or leader will be the main contact for making arrangements for your tour. They become the liaison between Global Explorers and your group. If you desire to venture out on your own, just contact Global Explorers and they will tell you what trips are being offered for individual students during that time period. (

• Seamester

Seamester is one of the most unusual study abroad programs offered. This company helps you to sail through a college semester, literally. Seamester offers a variety of sailing voyages across the globe for students interested in a bit more adventure than the normal study abroad experience. Offering sailing trips from the British Virgin Islands to Antigua and Tahiti to Australia, these are definitely not options for those seeking the standard educational journey. Even with all the adventure, Seamester assures that academics play a most integral role in these voyages. According to Seamester you, “…study marine biology and oceanography by conducting research diving on reefs. Acquire knowledge of geology trekking through mountainous terrain. Master meteorology and navigation as you plot your course across seas. And develop leadership and communication skills working together with your team.” (

How to Get Started: Seamester’s application process is a little more extensive than applying for the other programs mentioned above but if you truly desire a unique study experience, visit the site, fill out the application, get your transcripts ready, and then hopefully upon acceptance, wait for your ship to sail in

There are so many great reasons to travel and study abroad, you gain not only college credits but you also gain invaluable life experience that is difficult to obtain in a standard college classroom. If you do choose a program outside of your current university, like Seamester, just make sure that your college will accept the transfer of credits. Also if you are receiving financial aid, discuss your options with your financial aid advisor to see if you will be covered for your educational voyage or if there are other financial options available to you. As long as you make certain that all the details are in order, you can have a learning experience that you will not soon forget

If none of the adventures above interest you, you can always go directly to your advisor at your school and express your interest in a study abroad program. You can easily find one more suited to your needs and your financial status.

Bon voyage and smooth sailing!