6 Ways to Become an Excellent Student in Class

You don’t have to be a genius to excel in class. Being an excellent student takes more than just intelligence. It includes discipline, hard work, study habits, and a lot more. There is, in fact , a huge difference between being simply an innate “smart” student and a truly great student.

If you want to truly excel in class, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Take serious and hard classes.

Hunger for knowledge is a quality of a great student. Always be passionate about stuff and have that drive to learn. In line with these, do not just take electives to accrued credits. Challenge yourself by taking serious and hard classes.

  1. Sit in the front row.

The best way to learn is to pay attention during the lesson. The effective way to do this is to sit in the front row. You can hear the lessons better, understand their meaning and conveniently interact with the professor. There are less distractions too when you’re in the front.

  1. Ask questions.

There may be things that you do not quite fully understand. Not all things will also be discussed thoroughly by your professor. Since you’re sitting in front, it’s easier for you to ask questions. Politely raise your hand, but don’t always ask questions to the point that the discussions will be interrupted.

  1. Take practice tests.

One way of testing your knowledge is by taking practice tests. You can also make your own questions if you like. There are also many practice tests available online. If you’re currently taking a chemistry subject, take practical online chemistry tests even if there’s no exam upcoming. Taking practice tests can help you sharpen your mind better and become a great student in class.

  1. Create your own study space.

You should always make time for studying. However, it would be impossible for you to fully study if there are too many distractions. With this, it’s important that you create your own study space at home. Put a do not disturb sign when studying. Make your study space as conducive as possible. Set the right ambiance that works best for you when studying.

  1. Do more than what’s required.

Do not just study when there’s a quiz or an exam coming. Do not just do some research when you have homework. Do more than what’s required. Set your own study goals and do your own research. Read some books at the library and search some interesting materials on the web. Be a diligent student.

To really excel, don’t only focus on what’s  taught at school. Know that learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Take time to connect with other people and the real world. Strike a balance between studying and doing other things that you enjoy in life.